Project Ellman from Google intends to use A.I mainly LLM like Gemini for building full profile about users’ life starting with cell phones information including pictures and searches.

Project Ellman

The newly announced Gemini AI model also reflects in Project Ellmann and demonstrates google’s overall strategy to apply AI for its advantage.

Gemini AI mode

Project Ellman, along with the Gemini AI model was talked about during an internal Google summit

Project Ellman

Using the screen captures, Summarised consumption patterns, product concerns, leisure pursuits, work issues, and travel goals were made available by Ellmann too.

Summarised consumption patterns

This entailed questions on pets, siblings’ visits, moving to a similar town to relocate among others.

Siblings’ visits

In addition, they could provide users with specific and customized answers after collecting their life data.

Collecting their life data

This is an innovative approach to understanding how individuals live through a “bird’s eye” analysis of their SMS messages, photo images and web searchers from their mobile phones.

Bird’s eye

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To be internalised within Google but it is not clear whether this capability would be rolled out into Google Photos or any other products.

Google Photos

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